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Special products and custom profiles are found in many industries. All Volta Belting custom fabrications are made from the same materials as the conveyor belting, making them virtually indestructible. Thermowelding ensures superior bonding, so fabrications will not detach from the base belt.


Special Product Lines

  • Roller coating sleeves: reduce impact on metal rollers for ceramic tile industry or prevent bruising in food processing; available in a range of diameters; optional dedicated assembly tooling system
  • Coating materials: welded onto Volta Belting products to alter texture, grip and the coefficient of friction
  • Flights/cleats: cut to size from thicknesses up to 8mm
  • Based sidewalls
  • T-shaped base cleats
  • Hinge (universal) lace: castellated edge welded onto a conveyor belt for quick assembly without welding
  • Food grade accessories including funnels,chutes,pipes,skirting and scrapers.

Conveyor Belt

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