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Elatech, leader in the development and manufacture of polyurethane belts


Elatech M

Elatech production includes the widest range of high performance profiles, allowing to select the best technical solution in every drive application.

Elatech Flex

NEXT® execution with bifilar wound (S + Z) cords. It limits or cancels the lateral forces generated, during rotation, by the winding direction of the belt drive element. This results in a reduction of friction in the transmission and in a reduction of the backlash.

Elatech iSync

iSync® Elatech iSync® timing belts are innovative high performance belts for power transmission made with polyurethane resin body and tension cords in steel or aramid fiber. The high elastic modulus of tensile cords allows a good dimensional stability under load. The production process, based on a unique and highly sophisticated technology, together with the high quality of the materials in use make Elatech iSync® belts extremely precise. Moreover, Elatech iSync® belts allow to transmit up to 30% more than the T and AT conventional belts resulting in long lasting belts or in a more compact drive.



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